Cleanse #2

It’s time for my social media cleanse for the month of February. I started a day early (January 31st), because I just needed a break. I’ve been so stressed and tired, and I wanted some time to myself. I’ve already finished a book that I absolutely loved. Dystopian books are my absolute favorite, so if anyone has suggestions, send them my way!

Day 2 of my cleanse, I decided that I needed a much longer break from Facebook, so I deleted it. I’ll probably reactivate it in the future, but for now I’m loving not having it. I feel much less stress and anxiety now that I’m not seeing all of the politics and arguing. I know I need to stay informed, but Facebook isn’t the way to do it. I’ve seen little positivity lately on all sides, and it’s made me emotionally exhausted.

Alpha and I have been working on our house. We’ve been so productive with tearing down wall paper, scraping off popcorn ceiling, and ripping up carpets. We’re almost done will all of that, then we can do the fun stuff (paint)! Normally I would document these things on Facebook or an Instagram story, but I realized people probably don’t even care, so I’m glad I’m doing this during my cleanse.

The more I’ve stayed off of social media, the more I’ve realized that people don’t really give a shit. You’re virtually surrounding yourself with people you haven’t seen since freshman year, or people you’ve never actually met. You follow people on Instagram who don’t even care about your existence. It sounds depressing, but it actually makes you more grateful for the real people in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I know social media is amazing for many reasons, but overall it’s kind of soul sucking.

When I’m not on social media, seeing what my friends post, I actually miss them more. I think about everyone I love daily, and how much they mean to me. Their text messages and voices make me feel more peaceful than ever, and seeing them is more meaningful. I’m counting the minutes until my girls night with my favorite people tonight. I just need some cozy time and deep conversations with my besties.

I don’t really have much more to say other than I’m loving life right now, even with all the stress. I feel like I’m keeping myself busy in healthy ways, and strengthening friendships. I’m constantly improving on my photography (should I blog my work?) and feel more confident in my modeling. I’m incredibly happy right now, and I’m excited for how bright my (social media reduced) future is. I just want to thank everyone who has been there through all of my mental health issues and hard times. Everyone who has listened to me, encouraged me, and supported me. You know who you are and I hope you know how much you mean to me. Love you so so much ❤


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