Cleanse #1

It’s my first monthly social media cleanse. I un-installed all of my social media apps last night, and logged out on my home and work computers. I honestly thought it would be easier. I’m surprised at how attached I am to my phone. I don’t feel like I need it, but it’s definitely become a habit to pick up my phone and open an app for every free second I have. When I’m waiting on hold at work, my phone is in my hand, when I’m in line at the store, my phone is in my hand. I’ve taken every spare moment I’m not doing anything to obsess over the lives of other people.

Once I noticed that I was picking up my phone during these times, but had no apps to click on, I wondered how much I’ve missed in those small passing moments. I’m very good about not being on my phone when I’m out with friends, or eating at a restaurant with Alpha, but what about the times I’m by myself? Why have human interactions become so hard for people? Why do I find it so awkward to be out in public without my nose in my phone? I’m sad that I may have missed a couple kissing on a bench, a kid walking his dog, or father holding his newborn baby girl with a smile on his face. Before smart phones, I was super observant of people in real life, now I’m only focused on a tiny screen, “liking” pixilated photos of my friends neighbors cousins uncles dog (exaggerating, but you know what I mean).

I’m only on day 1, and I’ve already realized all of this. I’m hoping by the end of my first cleanse, I won’t be reaching for my phone at all times anymore, and enjoying the what’s going on in the real world more. When I’m sitting in the car with Alpha, I want to be present, and starting conversations with him. When I’m sitting at my friends house, I want to give her my undivided attention, even if we aren’t doing anything. I want to be a part of the real world. I can’t wait to go home and just read a book. I may post more experiences and realizations tomorrow if I have anything interesting to share.

Note: I didn’t log onto social media to post this. I just posted it directly from my blog. I didn’t cheat, pinky swear 🙂

Photo by @alexandrajane21 


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