I can’t believe 2017 is less than 2 weeks away. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish next year. I have a lot of things in mind, and am creating a game plan to reach goals. There are a lot of important changes 2017 will bring me (I hope), and one main thing I want to focus on is connecting. I want to find a deeper connection with every aspect of my life. Relationships, nature, hobbies, you name it.

I’ve been actively thinking about how I can connect better. I came up with an amazing plan that I hope I can stick with, and maybe it’s something you’ll want to try out as well. As much as I love social media, I’ve realized that the connections we make through our apps and websites aren’t always genuine or healthy.

I have had people tell me how jealous they are of my life based on what they see on social media. I noticed that I was sharing the best aspects of my life (like most people do), and I felt bad that people think I have all of my shit together. Trust me, I don’t. I’m generally pretty lazy, and I watch Netflix a lot. The worst part though, is that I use social media to cure boredom. When I’m at work, and have nothing to do I’m on Facebook. When I’m at home watching t.v. or lying in bed, I’m on Instagram or Snapchat. I’m always checking my phone for notifications.

So, my main goal in 2017, which will help me accomplish other goals, is to uninstall all of my social media apps at the beginning of every month for 3-7 days. I will no longer use my phone or social media because I’m bored. I hope it gets easier over time, and I’ll start doing it more than once a month. Here is a list of things I’m wanting to do while I take my monthly breaks from social media.


  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
    • This includes taking my nieces/nephews out on dates, having craft nights with friends, and going on plenty of walks, hikes, and new places with all of my loved ones.
  • Monthly date night with Alpha
    • Come up with new date ideas together, and always take time out of our schedules to make it happen.
  • Interact more with my wolf cubs.
    • Take my dogs on more walks, play with them more, spend individual time with them at the dog park, and share (dog friendly) meals with them. Also, grooming them more often cause they are nasty.
  • Read
    • There was a short time a couple years back that I was reading every day. I absolutely love reading, but I never pick up any books, even if I buy them. So, book recommendations please?
  • Exercise
    • I started back a the gym with Alpha yesterday. We’re both determined to get into shape and be sexy! I want to try new workout routines, work on flexibility, and become a yogi.
  • Improve with my photography and editing
    • Study camera functions, Lightroom, learn how to use Photoshop, and learn how to work lighting better. I want to create some beautiful art.
  • Learn new things
    • I know, vague right? Really though, I want to learn more about astronomy, botany, agriculture, biology, and oh so many things.
  • Get crafty
    • I suck at crafts. They never turn out how I want them to. I’m going to master crafts this year! I also want to get into candle making if anyone wants to do that with me
  • Cooking
    • I’m going to learn so many new recipes! Since I’m trying to stay away from dairy, I need to learn how to cook vegan meals that I can add chicken to when I need some protein. I also want to learn how to bake desserts and bread from scratch. So there’s a chance you’ll get some cookies at your door this year.
  • Video diary
    • I’ve been wanting to create a video diary of my adventures with family and friends. I never saw many photos or videos of my mom growing up, or with her friends. I really want to capture all of those moments through video as well as photos.
  • New hobbies
    • Through all of this, I really want to find new hobbies. Whether it’s exercise, a specific craft, or videography. I want to start new hobbies with friends so we can do them together.
  • Talk on the phone
    • Talking on the phone instead of texting all the time. I want to hear the voices of my friends, and have conversations. I want to know how their kids are doing, or what they ate that day.
  • Spend time in nature
    • I’m very fortunate to live in a state where the mountains are a 5 minute drive away, and there’s a park in every direction. I want to spend time growing a garden, reading in the park, and just sitting by the river for no other reason than to hear the sounds of everything around me.


There are many more things I could add to my list, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Starting January 2nd, I will take time off of social media and try something different to entertain myself. I will also try to be more genuine on my social media. I don’t want people thinking I’m a perfect person with a perfect life. I’m not, just in case you were wondering 🙂 This will be my last post before Christmas, so I hope you have the happiest of Holiday’s! Stay warm!


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