Be The Change You Want To See In The World

The election has been hard on me, just like it has many others. From someone who has been sexually abused, is married to a man with brown skin, who has friends and family members of the LGBTQ community, I am very heartbroken.

There is a lot of fear and anger happening right now. We have every right to be scared and angry. However, I am very disappointed in the way we are handling this. I’m seeing a lot of hate. I’m seeing protesters being violent, saying hateful things, and destroying property. I am seeing bullying from both sides on social medial all day long. I am seeing friends and family members push each other away, instead of trying to love and understand one another.

We are turning into what we hate. I know that Trump and many of his supporters have done the same to us, but we need to do better than that. We need to protest peacefully. Instead of saying “Fuck Trump”, we should saying “Love Trumps Hate” and show support for the people effected by this. We should be hugging each other, laughing with each other, and unifying. Dragging people out of their cars to beat them, starting fires in the streets, and shitting on Trump posters (yes this actually happened) is not going to help anything.

We need to realize that WE are the change. WE are the ones that need to teach our children love and compassion, plant trees, fight for equality. Maybe I’m just a crazy liberal hippie, but I have seen the strength that has come out of love. Please use your anger and sadness to do something good. Put that energy into changing the world. These next four years may be very difficult, but remember that we can overcome this. We can overcome anything if we are spreading love and compassion.

Trump supports and Trump protesters, hug each other. Let each other know that you care for one another. We already have too much hate in this world. Before we can change the system, we need to change the way we feel about each other. Stop looking at race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Look at the person behind that, and do your best to understand them.

I want to end this by saying that I love each and every one of you. You’re all so different, and that’s what makes you amazing. If I could hug and share a smile with every single person on this planet, I would. But since I can’t, please accept my virtual love 🙂


Artist Unknown


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