I love Autumn! It is my absolute favorite time of year. The vibrant colors, crunching leaves beneath my boot filled feet, the smell of crispy apples, and the satisfying taste of everything pumpkin. These are all things I live for. But the main reason I love Autumn? Death. Okay, I know that sounds creepy, but don’t run away just yet.

Once a year, we are surrounded by death. Trees, grass, flowers…all die. The good thing about nature is that the things that die will come back to life. This is also true for humans. We all go through things that make us die a little, but we push through it and find new life. A lot of us go through some hard times during this time of year. With the cold weather, and the Holiday’s there seems to be a sort of sadness. The skies are darker, we long to spend time with people we’ve lost, and the bitter cold often feels like hopelessness.

Right now, I’m experiencing this new life. I died a little recently. I fell apart and lost my worth. I stopped doing the things I loved because they became emotionally overwhelming. But it’s exactly what I needed. Because I died, I now feel more alive than I have in the longest time. My dreams have become goals, and I’ve been able to reevaluate why I love the things that I love. My creativity is all coming back to me, and I feel the need to strengthen my relationships. My worth and purpose are all starting to take shape again. This is renewal.

The year will soon be over. I encourage everyone to renew themselves. Reflect on your life and find the things that need improvement. Get rid of those toxic relationships, spend more time alone to get to know yourself better, find or rediscover a hobby. You should get that hair cut you’ve been thinking about, add some crystals to your collection, or revamp your wardrobe. There are so many small things you can do to bring some renewal into your life.


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