When the moon fell in love with the sun…

…all was golden in the sky. All was golden when the day met the night.

I’ve been wondering how to write about love/marriage for a while now. I still don’t know how, because it’s something almost too delicate to put into words, but I am going to try my damn hardest.



To start off, I have to say it is not easy. It is not a fairytale. Yes, there are days where it’s a breeze, and there are days where you feel like a storybook princess, but some days are incredibly hard. However, getting to be with him every day is worth the hard moments. Even when I’m angry at him, I miss him. Even when we’re fighting, I want to be near him. He’s like a magnet that continues to pull me closer no matter the situation. He. Is. Everything.

Our relationship isn’t about having babies and buying cars. It’s about learning and experiencing life together. It’s about getting to know new things about each other every time we have a conversation. It’s about learning to love the things we find annoying about each other. It’s about more than cuddling, kissing, or sex (which are all important). It’s about feeling a connection so deeply with someone that when you’re apart, you feel like something is missing.

I literally cannot imagine life without him. Every time I think about the future, he’s in it. When I’m at work, he’s always in the back of my mind. There’s nothing in this world other than death that can take me away from him.

I remember the first time I saw him and was instantly attracted. I remember being so short that he’d lift me up every time he hugged me. I remember the skirt and the perfume he loved. I remember he wrote in my year book that he had a crush on me. I remember the next day at his graduation, we were “a thing”. I remember him being my first kiss. I remember when he left that summer, and I wasn’t going to see him for 3 months. I remember him coming home only a month later, breaking my heart, then leaving for college.

He told me a year and a half later when we ended up together (thanks Facebook!), that a girl in college told him that if he ever got back together with an ex (something he’d never done before), that she’d be the one.

She was right.

Our relationship has been a whirlwind of emotions. We’ve both questioned if we were right for each other, and sometimes have felt like giving up. But all of things we’ve been through has strengthened the love we have for each other. We’ll always have shit to work on, but at the end of the day our love is too strong to break. I get to go home to the man of my dreams (Literally, I always dreamed of marrying a Native boy). I get to kiss his lips and spank his ass whenever I want. But most importantly, I get to fall in love with him over and over and over again.

He is my alpha, and he is my world.

But really…I get to spank his ass.





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