Where my spirit belongs


Do you have a place where you feel your whole entire being belongs? A place where you can think about at any time and feel peace? Even if you’ve only been there in your imagination?

I do.


I’ve never been. Alpha grew up there. In a little town called La Pine in central Oregon. We’ve been dreaming about visiting there since we first got together, nearly 8 years ago.

This is our year. We’re finally doing it. A few weeks from now, we will be leaving our small den, our pups, and our beautiful state of Utah behind for a week full of bliss touring Oregon.

I’m excited to spend our anniversary in strange places, with strange faces, and strange cultures. Crater Lake and Ponderosa Pizza. Beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. Running through the pines…

I already know I won’t want to come home. I know my soul will be broken the last day of our trip. I already feel that sting. Maybe, and hopefully this will be a step closer to moving where our hearts live.

Until then, I’ll be counting down the minutes until we start the Jeep and hit the road.


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